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SnapBridge Incorrect PIN or Passkey [SOLVED]

Have you ever encountered this annoying error? Could’t pair because of an incorrect PIN or passkey. We finally figured out how to fix this annoying error.

The incorrect PIN or passkey error happens when the Bluetooth connection between the camera and your mobile device fails. The simplest solution would be to delete all Bluetooth devices from your phone’s memory and attempt to reconnect your camera.

Remove Bluetooth Devices

The most bulletproof solution to this issue we could find is to remove all Bluetooth devices from your phone then connect them again. The incorrect PIN or passkey error usually happens on android devices so we’ll go over how to remove Bluetooth devices and an android device first. The first thing you need to do is click the home button and navigate to the settings app. Next, click on “connections” and click on Bluetooth. Enable Bluetooth if not already on. You should see a list of devices once paired on your phone. Click on them one by one and remove them. Now you should turn Bluetooth off and then back on again. Finally, attempt to pair your Nikon camera again.

To do this on an iPhone or iOS device. Click the home button to return to your home screen. Navigate to your settings app. Click on Bluetooth, enable it if it’s not already on. You will now see a list titled “My devices.” Click the i button to the right of the device name. You can now click on “Forget this device” Do this for each device on your iPhone and try pairing again. Turn Bluetooth off and back on again for good measure.

On the flip side, you should also remove paired devices (your phones) from your camera’s Bluetooth memory. Turn on your camera and press the settings button. The Bluetooth option is most likely listed under the Setup menu (it varies for each camera) click the Bluetooth option then press the “paired devices” option. You will now see a list of mobile devices ever connected to your camera. Delete each of those as well by pressing ok.

Now try pairing your camera again with Snapbridge, it should work out successfully.

Reboot your devices

Hopefully removing your Bluetooth devices solved the problem. If not we have a few more things we recommend you try.

Sometimes, rebooting your device solves any problem. This is no exception. We found sometimes simply shutting down your iPhone or Android device and turning it back on, then turning your camera off and back on can completely eliminate the issue. Because wireless transmission continues after shutting off your camera, your camera does not completely shut down the Bluetooth part of the device. (Which is what we’re trying to shut off) So completely taking out your camera’s battery for a minute then putting it back in will be far more effective in this situation then simply turning off your camera then turning it back on.

Update or Uninstall and Reinstall Snapbridge

The issue might not be with your phone or camera at all. Similar to shutting off and turning on your device, uninstalling and reinstalling Snapbridge may help.

But before you do, try updating Snapbridge from the app store or google play store. If there is no update then uninstall and reinstall the app.

On iOS hold down on the Snapbridge app. Wait for the x to appear then click it. You will receive a system dialogue asking if you are sure you want to delete this app. Press yes. Now reinstall it from the app store.

Or if your an android user open the google play store. Search for “Snapbridge,” and click on the first result. Click the uninstall button, once the app is finished uninstalling click the install button again.

Bring camera closer/Check Bluetooth

Your camera could simply be too far away from your mobile device. You should also be sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your camera. Although, wireless transmission is supposed to continue after shutting off your camera, turning on your camera should be better while attempting to connect to it. Click the settings button on your camera and go to the setup menu from before. Select the Bluetooth option. Make sure the “Network Connection” option is on and the “Send while off” option is also enabled.

Also be sure that “Send to smart device (auto)” is enabled as well as that option often helps.

Connect to smart device

Nikon camera connecting to smart device
Nikon camera connecting to smart device

In your nikon camera settings, under the setup menu again. There is also an option called “Connect to smart device” if all the other options have failed and you can’t figure out how to connect your camera click the “Connect to smart device” and your camera will walk you through the steps on using Snapbridge.

It will tell you “On your smart device, go to the app store and search for SnapBridge. After installing, open the snap bridge app.” From there your camera should connect automatically and you should be good to go!


I hope at least one of these solutions helped you. If you know a different way to solve this problems leave it in the comments. Thanks for reading.

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